Job Details

Mechanical Service Technician IM (On Shift)

650 Highway 74 South, United States | Peachtree City | Full-time

Job Description

All of the below are part of the responsibilities of this position as needed:


  • Repair/replace brakes & clutches, gears, belts, sheaves/pulley, chains and sprockets, cams, seals and o-rings, bearings and bushings.  Replace couplings and valves (cut-off, pressure relief, etc).
  • Troubleshoot/repair/replace, gears, cams, seals, o-rings, bearings, bushings, shafts and motors.  
  • Troubleshoot/maintain chains and sprockets. Perform basic alignment.
  • Maintain couplings and fans.
  • Install/maintain valves (cut-off, pressure relief, etc).


  • Troubleshoot/repair/replace cylinders and pneumatic/hydraulic motors.  
  • Maintain hydraulic systems, pumps and valves.
  • Repair/replace pneumatic/hydraulic lines, hoses, and solenoids.
  • Repair/replace flow controls (pneumatic or hydraulic).
  • Troubleshoot/maintain air compressors.


  • Troubleshoot/repair/replace/maintain vibratory, linear motion, and material conveying systems. Repair/replace belt conveyor systems.


  • Troubleshoot/maintain centrifugal, vacuum, gear, diaphragm, positive displacement and metering pumps.
  • Perform alignment.
  • Maintain heat exchanger and pipe insulation systems.


  • Perform welding and fabrication tasks, sheet metal fabrication, pipefitting duties and rigging tasks.
  • Perform basic math operations.
  • Operate common hand and power tools, use measuring devices and precision devices.


  • Apply knowledge of AC theory and run wire and conduit.
  • Install/repair basic AC and DC controls, building electrical systems.
  • Operate electrical test equipment.
  • Fabricate/retrofit electrical control panels.
  • Repair ground fault detection systems.
  • Repair/replace low voltage transformers <480 and replace fuses and breakers (<600 V).
  • Repair/replace AC motors, starters and relays.
  • Maintain ground fault detection system.


  • Modify ladder logic and edit PLC software.
  • Troubleshoot/replace/install circuit boards.
  • Install/maintain/troubleshoot photo eyes and basic VFD drives (Variable Frequency Drive).
  • Install/maintain/troubleshoot limit and proximity switches & bar code readers.
  • Calibrate/install/repair basic flow and density, temperature, pressure transmitters, gages and switches
  • Calibrate proportional control valves and process control loop (PID).
  • Install/calibrate load cells.
  • Troubleshoot/replace transducers.
  • Align and replace photo eyes.
  • Install load cells.
  • Repair/replace VFD drives (Variable Frequency Drive), limit and proximity switches.
  • Repair flow, pressure, and speed transmitters, gages and switches.


  • Troubleshoot/repair/replace/maintain robots.
  • Design/FAB/troubleshoot end of arm tooling
  • Program pick/place points.



Education Requirements:

  • High School Diploma
  • Requires a minimum of 2 years maintenance/technical experience within an plastic injection molding facility.
  • Requires a minimum of 1 year mechanical/electrical experience.
  • Requires a minimum of 2 years general preventative maintenance experience in medical injection molding industry.

Experience Requirements:

  • Experienced knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice within the Medical or Food Industry.
  • Experience working in a fast paced operational environment with constant interaction with operators, technicians and equipment.
  • Experience in problem solving and troubleshooting of processes and process equipment
  • Prior diagnostic/troubleshooting and preventative experience preferred.
  • Ability to read blue prints, manufacturer's specifications and schematics

Additional Information

  • Must have good interpersonal skills with the ability to interface constructively and cooperatively with a wide variety of departmental staff and intra-department personnel.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Ability to work well within a team environment and capable of completing projects with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Required to speak, read and write English language
  • Good organizational and planning skills
  • Required to supply hand tools

About Gerresheimer

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Equal rights

All applicants are considered without any regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, genetic information, citizenship status or membership, or any other legally protected status.

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